Tools, sites, and apps for Across the Curriculum

These are apps and sites that can be used for any subject area or grade level. With a little innovation on how each can be used, the sky is the limit.


Site/App/Extension Description Address



Copy and paste words from a text to create a pictogram of the words. Frequency words are larger by size.  Ask students to think about what the text will be about… what words they are not familiar with.  Have students create their own pictogram from their writing and share on your class webpage.  

Go Animate

Let students explain how they solved problems through an animated dialogue between characters. Others can review or compare solutions by watching.


Apple’s leading movie making software allows students to turn video and photos into cool movies that can be shared on YouTube.  

Windows Movie Maker

YouTube Capture

On PCs students can upload and create amazing videos to share on YouTube.  


Group and individual students can post stickies to a bulletin board to organize their thoughts

Students use stickies to take notes, organize ideas, and manage tasks.




Mind mapping tools for students to begin the writing process, organize their work throughout the writing process.  Work collaboratively.  Teacher can work collaboratively.





Does your child need to organize his/her thoughts before writing or after reading a text?  This is app provides graphic organizers that help a child put information in a visual format.


This is an extremely well done video database (some are free) that contains hundreds of animated videos that directly connect to academic subjects.

Puppet Pals

Students can use Puppet Pals to create animated definitions of words and build vocabulary.

Industrious:  Create a picture of a person being Industrious. 

Students can retell stories, change story endings, have characters dialogue on a stage.




Have kids make collages of the weekend, a special event, a fun day and email it to grandparents.  


Screen Chomp

Bring in a photo to the app and record your voice and drawings on the photo.   A great way to share highlights of a special day.  




Hours of fun taking photos of Barbie’s and Legos.  The progression of photos makes the toys come to life.  Post onto YouTube to share.  


Make an animated cartoon.  This is a great way to retell a story or event and share it.  


Make any photo of a face talk.  This is a great way to make funny videos or make a historical person come alive.  


Be a Rock star.  Use your iPad’s music and make a rock video with you as the star.  Add special effects.  Great fun for sleepovers and playdates.  


Record yourself singing and dancing.  Students can record themselves reading from the text and add fun animations.  


Plan your own cartoon/story with basic characters and settings. Add your voice and animate the characters  

Story Lines

Write your own story and share it with family and friends.  

                       Some student created examples:

Students and teachers embrace technology not just as a tool but as a skill. Students produce projects in many formats through their laptops or on the iPad. Here are a few selections of their works.


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