Repeated Reading or Partner Reading


Any PDF passage can be opened in Explain Everything, to be recorded or annotated over. You can make a portfolio of students’ readings throughout the year.

Websites from where you can download text:
Free Reading’s Illustrated Decodable Fiction Passages
Free Reading’s Illustrated Decodable Non Fiction Passages
decodable passage.jpg

Children’s Books Forever – FREE PDF Full-color children’s books that can be used to launch on the iPad and annotate/record over with Explain Everything.
Free Kids Books – A growing library of unique children’s books and literary resources available for download in pdf format. Books are separated in to categories for toddlers, children, and young adults.
Kids English Books – A small collection of books for early readers.

All pdf files should be uploaded to your dropbox folder so that each student can access the files from his/her iPad and open them in Explain Everything. You can do this from your computer or iPad.
– From the Computer: Go to the website > Download the files > Upload to Dropbox (make sure you upload them to the correct folder).
– From the iPad: Go to the website > Click on the file you want to open > After the file is open, gently tap on it so that the “Open In” option appears on the upper right hand corner > Click on it > Scroll down until you find Dropbox > Click on Dropbox, name the file, and upload it to the correct folder (i.e., Destination).
– Students should locate the files in Dropbox from their iPad and “Open In” Explain Everything, by clicking on the arrow located in the upper right hand corner (see below).

Courtesy of Orlee Medallion, Walworth Barbour American International School

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