Read, Reread, Record

Screen_Shot_2012-05-14_at_5.05.27_PM.pngR x 3 – Reread, Record, Reflect

Students can use Recorder HD to record themselves reading passages and then playback their recordings. As students listen to themselves read they are able to reflect on their speed, expression, and accuracy and increase awareness of their own fluency.

Students could also use:  Explain Everything, Screen Chomp, or Show Me for the iPad.

On Chrome students could use: Screenr or ScreenCastle to record their voices and share them.

Instructions given to students:Reread:

  • Choose a print book that is at the appropriate reading level (just right book).
  • Reread two pages 5 times until you can read with fluency (accuracy; expression; appropriate speed).
  • Use the Fluency Check Sheet (see below) to monitor readings.
  • If you don’t know how to read a word, ask your teacher or a friend.


  • When you feel that you can read fluently, use the Recorder app to record yourself reading.
  • Speak into the microphone.
  • Press the red circle button to record.
  • Press white square button to stop recording.


  • Press the white triangle button to listen to recording.
  • Did you read fluenty? Fill out Fluency Check sheet (see attachment below).
    • Speed (smooth and steady, not too slow and not too fast)?
    • Expression (read with energy, paid attention to punctuation)?
    • Accuracy (pronounced all the words clearly)?
  • If yes, continue reading more pages.
  • If no, reread the pages and record again.

Courtesy of Orlee Medallion, Walworth Barbour American International School.


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