phonics genius.jpg In Phonics Genius over 6,000 words are grouped by phonics sound (phonemes, digraphs, diphthongs). The app includes several pages through which you can scroll and find the particular sound you want to work on. In this station the teacher selects the sound focus for the day and the students develops an awareness of the sound contained in various words. Students can record themselves reading the word out loud. teachers can customize flashcards (add or delete words in a specific sound category).
freefall.jpg Students have to spell an image that appears on the screen, accompanied by a recording of the word. A moveable alphabet is optional. There are three kinds of word lists in Freefall Spelling:

  • Numbers – one through 20
  • Words – this is the entire list of the words used in the app
  • My Words (new list) – Students can enter new words to create their own custom list. For each new word, they can record themselves saying the word out loud, and either take a new photo of the image or add an existing photo.
montessori.jpg Students drag and drop letters from a moveable alphabet into a crossword grid to form words that correspond to the given pictures. Very young kids can practice linking phonetic sounds to letters while older kids can expand their vocabularies in the higher of three difficulty levels.
tictactoe.jpg A dual game where students play against each other with phonics questions. Sample questions include:

  • What are the first two letters in the picture below (blends)
  • Which of these words has a different beginning sound than the other words? (onset)
  • Which doesn’t belong with the other words? (long and short vowels)
  • How many syllables are in this word?
vowellite.jpg Students select the missing vowel in a word they hear as they work through levels that include:

  • Short vowels
  • Long vowels
  • Bossy r
  • Other vowel team

Star Fall


This site offers loads of puzzles, games, activities that students can interact with text.  Often it reads to them too.


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