Guided Reading

Screen_Shot_2012-05-14_at_5.06.17_PM.png Word Wizard can be used for one-on-one, small group, or whole group phonics and spelling instruction. Students drag color coded lower case letters to build words. They can choose to hear each phoneme and phoneme blend as they build the words. As students
manipulate letters to construct words they will begin to notice patterns. The app also contains spelling quizes with built-in word lists such as CVC words, Dolch words, Numbers, Colors, Animals, etc.

Skills Addressed: Letter Recognition; Letter-Sound Correspondence; Decoding; Blending & Segmenting; Onset & Rime; Spelling Blends; Digraphs, or Diphthongs.


With the Raz Kids app and site (from Learning A-Z), students can read their guided reading book right on the iPad. There are hundreds of leveled books to choose from, with quizes at the end to check for understanding.




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