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The message continues to be: it is not teaching ‘technology’ but thinking skills. 

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Based on the best-selling book


Literacy is Not Enough

“The factory is gone, and the marketplace has changed. In a wired-world, anything that can be outsourced will be. This exponential digital age demands a new set of skills – the 21st Century Fluencies.” exerpt from Literacy is Not Enough.

21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age

Powerful technologies and information systems have caused facts to become obsolete faster, and knowledge built on these facts to become less durable. InfoWhelm is breaking down the boundaries between conventional disciplines, altering the very fabric of our society, and affecting the way we work, play, communicate, view our fellow citizens, how we learn, and what’s important for us to know. Yet schools in their structure, operation, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment models remain largely the same as they have for decades.

In 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age, you’ll learn why it’s important that students develop essential 21st Century Fluency skills to operate in the new living, working, and learning environments of today. More importantly, you’ll learn how these skills can be taught in a structured manner at every grade level and in every subject area, and be the responsibility of every teacher throughout the entire school experience.

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Solution Fluency for Real-World Problems

The new digital age is here, heralding a future coming at us like a locomotive, ever-changing and always challenging. The children of today are the builders of tomorrow—they both need and deserve a skill set that stresses critical thinking and develops a mindset of discovering innovative solutions to complex problems that haven’t even been witnessed yet. In the presentation Solution Fluency and Real-World Problems, we take a look at the baseline of the vital 21st Century Fluencies, one that focuses on a creative thought process designed to foster problem-solving skills and a real-time application of the comprehensive 6D model—Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Debrief.

Based on the best-selling book Literacy is Not Enough, you’ll see how today’s “just-in-time” learners can employ whole-brain thinking abilities to discover and create the best and most effective solutions and apply them to the challenges of 21st-century business and edu


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Global Digital Citizenship

Carl Sagan once said that our society is deserving of citizens with an acute awareness of how their world works, and that is more necessary than ever in today’s interconnected world. InfoWhelm and the rise of social media have given us online environments that can be exciting and entertaining, but also unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous.

As such, today’s digital citizen must be guided by the principles of leadership, accountability, fiscal and personal responsibility, environmental awareness, and global citizenship. In Global Digital Citizenship, we take an in-depth look at the model citizen in the age of social networking. You’ll learn what the defining characteristics of the digital citizen are, the 6 primary tenets of effective digital citizenship, and how students can develop a code of ethics that will help them learn mindsets of conscientious and responsible behavior, and ensure their safety and security in the online world.

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Inspiring Innovation and Creativity Fluency

Where does creativity come from? How are we inspired to be creative? What thought processes lead us to forge exceptional and unique products and concepts that speak to us on unseen and personal levels, shaping our thinking and inspiring strong opinions and feelings? And how can businesses and education make use of these powerful qualities, and be driven to excel?

This is Inspiring Innovation and Creativity Fluency, a presentation centered around the 21st Century Fluency that helps to bring passion to presentation, story to structure, and emotion to innovation. Discover how artistic proficiency adds meaning and relevance through design, art, and storytelling.

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InfoWhelm and Information Fluency

Our society has been irreversibly affected by a new phenomenon in InfoWhelm—an unparalleled access to a wealth of online information, never before seen or heard of. Learning has truly become a lifelong pursuit, and it can happen anytime and anywhere in our Information age. But how do we determine good from the bad, interpret right from wrong, and distinguish complete, accurate, and usable data from a sea of irrelevance and digital inundation? The skills to help us best understand and make use of the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips is essential to life and success both in the classrooms and workforces of the 21st century.

The presentation InfoWhelm and Information Fluency looks at the fluency skill that helps us to extract essential knowledge, verify its authenticity, and to perceive its meaning and significance. You’ll learn about the aptitudes that help to discover and collect data and to explore it thoroughly.

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Beyond Text to Media Fluency

The vast expanse of the online Information Age has presented us with a powerful range of new digital media that have become as common as traditional text, and far more impacting and thought-provoking. The chronic bombardment of digitization in our everyday lives has called for a whole new thought process geared towards harnessing its unlimited potential, and decoding its often complex messages.

Beyond Text to Media Fluency is all about the fluency skill needed to become proficient at both. Businesses are continuing to make efficient use of digital platforms to enhance sales and reach new levels of clientele, as are students to boost the experience of learning from an ordinary task to an exciting and meaningful journey.

Using the two facets of Media Fluency—Listening to decode messages and extract and analyze their significance, and Leveraging the most appropriate media for a message by considering many crucial factors, we can benefit from today’s digital media in our schools and workforce in ways never before dreamed of.

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