Music in the classroom

 Music Apps for the High School Classroom:  Apps for Education.

I was lucky enough the other day to sit in on a local network meeting of Creative and Performing Arts teachers in one of our regions. As always I was impressed by the way they freely shared the lessons they had learnt in their classrooms using iPads. There were some great music teachers discussing apps that I wanted to share. A big thank you to Matthew Smith and John Alvear who contributed to the list.


MSO Learn is the first App of its kind to offer the user interactive audio-visual exploration of an orchestra, featuring the different instrumental families, individual instruments and the musicians who play them. The App brings together stunning graphics and uncompressed audio to produce an experience that will delight users of all ages and enhance their appreciation of the workings of an orchestra.

Sightreading+ – FREE
The only sight reading app that can train all 88 keys with sharp, natural, flat in the context of all key signatures. Whether you are new and slow on piano sight reading or just someone who wants to improve on your overall piano sight reading abilities and ear training skills, this is the right app for you. Students learn and practice both treble clef and bass clef notes on 88 keys

Classical 1 – FREE
Enjoy 120 of the World’s greatest classical masterpieces performed by the best orchestras and ensembles around the world!
Familiarize you with Classical Standards constantly heard in life events, movies, TV shows… Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky. Discover and learn more with YouTube live performances and Wikipedia composer info for each masterpiece.

SyncScore – FREE
SyncScore provides wide variety of classical music with its synchronized scores. Browse a library of hand-picked tracks, composed by composers like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and more. SyncScore is the ultimate hub for various SyncScore apps that contain full tracks of the album.   Scroll automatically as the music proceeds.

Jam – FREE
Jam can turn anyone into a rock star with their own virtual band. Sing anything into your device and Jam will turn it into an original musical Masterpiece, regardless of your musical ability. Simply select a musical style and tempo then hit record. Jam detects the incoming vocal pitch, musical key and song structure, then it auto-tunes the vocal and produces original backing music to suit.

Beethoven 9 – FREE
Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for iPad presents four of Deutsche Grammophon’s legendary recordings of this iconic work, with the amazing ability to switch instantly between each performance at any point in the piece. As you listen, you can watch the synchronized musical score, be guided by expert commentary or follow Beethoven’s 1825 manuscript.

Explore the incredible variety of classical chamber orchestra music, with a growing library of more than 250 free and complete works performed by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, one of the world’s leading professional chamber orchestras. You can also learn more about the orchestra’s virtuoso musicians and find upcoming concerts.

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Smart Board Exchange: Symphony
Learn music while having fun. Symphony enables up to four students to play instruments on the table and to record a musical composition collaboratively. Students can play drums or choose an instrument sound, such as piano or xylophone. Students can “see” their music as it’s displayed in various representations from simple colored dots to standard music notation. Musical compositions can be saved to a USB drive and transferred to be played on other common devices. This application can be used with SMART Table Software version 3.0 or later.

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