iPad Apps for Families

The iPad is a great tool for playing games, getting information, and listening to music… but there is SO much more families can use the iPad for.  We, as parents, want our children to be problem solvers, and creative thinkers.  Here are some great apps that help in academic areas as well as ideas to try as a family.

If you would like more training do not hesitate to contact me.  Aalmekinder@heidelberg.edu

CREATE! Take time to create something to share.  Kids can use these apps to record, draw, write, and use photos.


Have kids make collages of the weekend, a special event, a fun day and email it to grandparents.


Screen Chomp

Bring in a photo to the app and record your voice and drawings on the photo.   A great way to share highlights of a special day.




Hours of fun taking photos of Barbie’s and Legos.  The progression of photos makes the toys come to life.  Post onto YouTube to share.


Make an animated cartoon.  This is a great way to retell a story or event and share it.


Make any photo of a face talk.  This is a great way to make funny videos or make a historical person come alive.


Be a Rock star.  Use your iPad’s music and make a rock video with you as the star.  Add special effects.  Great fun for sleepovers and playdates.


Voice Jam

Create your own overlapping sound loop.  The video explanation can show you how.


Plan your own cartoon/story with basic characters and settings. Add your voice and animate the characters

Photo Booth

Make funny photos of you and your family.

Story Lines

Write your own story and share it with family and friends.



These story stories are missing key words (nouns, verbs, Adjectives) that the child must add to create a hilarious story.

Phonics Genius

Does your K-3 grader mix up d,p,g,b? This app allows your child to trace, hear, and repeat the letters.

Site Words

Kids can improve their reading speed by practicing, recognizing, and expanding their site words.


Listen to thousands of books.  This can also work well when the child follows along with the actual text while listening.

Science: Improve background knowledge

Shout Science

Find out more about 6 famous scientists, maps, visuals, in a great animated story

Discovery Channel

Documentary shorts that help kids better understand science


This is an extremely well done video database (some are free) that contains hundreds of animated videos that directly connect to academic subjects.

Tricks of Science

Watch videos on great science projects… the how to’s and step by steps are a great way for kids to see science and then try it out.

Math skill builders


TanZen lite

TanGrams are a great way to develop visual thinking as a child drags shapes to complete puzzles


Greater than and less practice by tilting the iPad.

Hungry Fish

Practice greater than and less than – Grades K – 4

Multiplication for Kids

Practice multiplication fact families in this basic drill app.

Division for Kids

Practice division fact families in this basic drill app.


Practice telling time, adding hours, subtracting minutes

DragonBox (Algebra)+5 and +12

This is an award winning way to get your child started with pre-algebra and Algebra.  The game like format keeps kids working.

24 Game

This is a great way for kids to apply their basic math skills in a competitive game.  This is a national game competition too!

Social studies

National Geographic Magazine

If you do not already have the National Geographic magazine – it is so worth it.  The online magazine offers sound, video, along with well written text on an elementary level.

Stack the States

Trivia for all the states. 

Sid Meier’s Revolution

This award winning simulation game gets kids to try to begin and develop a colony, find resources, and explore new areas, always earning points through reaching their goals. Great sound and animation.

Taking Notes



Does your child need to organize his/her thoughts before writing or after reading a text?  This is app provides graphic organizers that help a child put information in a visual format.


Does your child have to take notes from a text?  Try writing the key information down and emailing it to yourself to print.


These ‘games’ are used to begin training kids to think logically.  These apps are designed as beginning steps for computer programming and STEM education.

Move the Turtle

Daisy the Dinosaur


Just for Fun

Chess U

Play chess against the computer or another player.

Night Sky

See the stars in the nightsky in real time. Excellent to put on your phone and take camping.

PBS Kids

Fun stories, phonics games, reading games.


Research your next family trip by seeing photos of what you will find along the way.


Have kids better understand your shopping choices.  Research what is behind every product you buy.

Podcasts: These daily/weekly stories are a great way for kids to hear, see, and understand more deeply. Kids are able to develop their listening and focus skills by listening to stories.

Stuff you missed in History Class

Nonfiction 20 min. stories about lesser know people, places, and events in history.

Sparkle Stories

Short Stories with music for young children.

Brain Stuff

How things work.  This show explores the science behind everything from Microwave popcorn to metal detectors.

Kids Friday

Great pop culture stories hosted by a 15 year old girl

Fun Kids – Animals, digital radio, and more

Non-Fiction articles about animals.

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