Enhancing Math understanding through Technology

Teaching math today offers many opportunities to embed technology to enhance student learning.  Technology offers the ways students can demonstrated their understanding through verbally recording their thoughts, practicing their skills, and tracking growth.



 Khan Academy



Khan academy: This site offers teacher coaching, student practice, and videos to teach skills.

Free Rice


Site allows students to practice basic skills through simple games.

SAS Curriculum Pathways


This is a wealth of information for teaching upper level math.

Screen chomp

Each of these apps for the iPad allow a student to record voice and write on the iPad screenCan be uploaded in a variety of formatsFor any subject area.  The teacher/student can create a 5 sided flashcard to include a word, photo, definition, sentence, voice, and other multimedia to remember words.

Students can write and record their explanation of a solving a problem.  These can be grouped into class books to share.

Visible learning!!

Explain Everything



Show Me





  • Interactive geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus software
  • Tens of thousands of free materials

Cool math 4 Kids


An amusement park of math, games, where students can compete against each other.


Go Animate

Let students explain how they solved problems through an animated dialogue between characters. Others can review or compare solutions by watching.

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