8 Conditions of Learning for Youth

8 Powerful Conditions of Learning

By Teachers With Apps · November 11, 2013 · Blog, Educational Reform · 1 Comment

8 Powerful Conditions of Learning: Ned’s GR8 8 – If you’re a teenage speaker brought in to address a crowd of teachers on the subject of how you and your peers learn best . . . what are you going to say? “I — have no clue,” Ned Cephalus nervously says from behind the podium. “I’m just a very average teenage brain”—complete with backpack, zits, and a journal he keeps about school. Yet in this funny and fast-paced “NED talk,” Ned knocks out eight powerful conditions of learning that can change everything for students. Funding from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation made this animation possible.

  1.  I Feel OK – not hungry or sleepy, not lonely or sick, not distracted or worrying, not threatened or humiliated, stress inhibits cognitive functioning
  2.  It Matters – I can learn anything if it means something, if it matters and is real world, if it makes me care, if you let me pick my assignment, or if you are a great teacher, great teachers know students and love subject
  3. It’s Active – I need to own the information, I need to do something with it, , hands on or collaborative, it should be curious making and perspective taking, *note to self:  just taking notes is not active and social interactions support cognitive functioning, t
  4. It Stretches Me – hard can be fun, doable, challenging with chances to get things right, small early successes, takes me to a new level and opens doors for me, the brain releases dopamine (a natural high)
  5. I have a Coach – access to help, guided practice, enough time to make mistakes and learn from them, mistakes are part of the process, immediate feedback and repetition over time makes learning stick
  6. I have to Use It- making sure it sticks, the classic use it or lose it, teach it, wrestle with it, perform it, using information lodges it longer in more areas of the brain
  7. I think Back On It – what did I learn, I see how I’ve grown, what I would have changed, reflection helps consolidate learning
  8. I Plan My Next Steps – where will I go with it, the idea is to build on it, planning requires the transfer of knowledge to new settings



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